• Street View Trusted
We are approved by Google Street View Trusted program.
It means Google liked what they seen of our work.
Google also added us to their index of approved Photographers.
Trusted Pro Index.
• Our Spheres
We tried a few differant techniques, but only one got stuck with us.
We like to immortalise the present in one picture.
Most techniques immortalise several presents in one picture. You'll see the same object several times in one and the same picture.
Using a Phone to capture a sphere usually leaves you with some stiching problems and some pieces that has a life of it's own. Not to mention the awful shadow.
This is why we use a Camera that capture everyting in one click.
It doesn't take the sharpest images, but it doesn't have any stich problem or duplicate moving objects.
It also allow us to work in almost total darkness with great result.
Check Sphere Tour 2 out, it's captured just after midnight.
Speed of process is tremendous, from moment picture is captured to image is uploaded and viewable on Goolge maps. Less then 1 minute!
This is unbeatable!!!
• Mono/Duo/Tripods
Why we put so much effort into our Camera holders?
Well, they are actually more important then the Camera itself.
As most of our Mono/Duo/Tripods we're using, isn't on the market. They are developed by us to generate the best possible picture in most eviroments.
Sometime they will show up on the image, sometimes they will not, some even melt in with the enviroment. It's all about the situation.
Using a 1.5m Camera Tripod for a 360° Camera is useless, we learned that after the first picture. Most pixels was lost in ground and on tripod itself. In crowds we shoot from above, more pixels for the real targets and nothing can block view. Also gives a better overview of area and easier to orient yourself. We strive to get 100% of the pixels where they should be, not on objects you don't want to see.
• Affordable Spheres
Yes, we can make affordable 360° Spheres for a very low cost and at a speed that most Photographers can't match.
Process is: We meet up with client, walk through the area and check where pictures shall be taken. Unpack Camera and Tripod, then we start to shoot.
When all pictures are taken, we either upload them on the spot or do it when we get back to office.
Usually all 360° spheres are Viewable on Goolge Maps the next day, this is mostly up to Google how fast they can publish your images.