• Photographer

Event Photography, Weddings, Birthdays, Reunions where you want to party and not bother with the photos.
Action events photos, a day at the racetrack, Track and field, Football, Volleyball, Paragliding, you do it, we record it.
Diving, not a problem, waterproof Cameras is on our list.
Company event, Grand Openings, Teambuildings, Commercials/Presentations, Important Visits.
Portraits, new Hairstyle or Wardrobe you want to immortalise, in Studio or in Nature, we got it covered.
Macro Photos, make tiny tiny objects covering the whole wall.
Experimental Photos, high speed full resolution pictures in up to 60fps or a 1200fps movie in slowmotion.
Brokers, we offer you 360° Spheres and Aerial Photos, or why not an Aerial Movie.
• Sphereographer   Level VII

Need help getting your company on to internet?
We can take Sphere Photos for you, place them on your webpage or use google maps.
Check our five Sphere Gallery Tours to your right if you don't know how it works.
We are approved by Google Trusted Street View program.
A Sphere is a very powerfull and popular media at moment, it's not a movie, doesn't feel like a picture, it's more like Virtual Reality.
Once you got hooked, you will wonder why you didn't do this earlier.
Brokers, a Sphere in each room is a great way to sell property.
• Webpages

Don't know how to present your company on the internet?
We can make a simple webpage for you, with all important info that your customer need.
Easy to maintain.
• Thermographer   Level II

Do you wonder why your heating bill is so high?
We got a tiny Camera that catch hot and cold images, it will find the cold bridges in an instant.
Usually very surprising ending to a Thermal examination.
Best part is, you see exactly where to improve insulation.
This camera is also good for electrical inspections, to prevent fire and overheating.
A little maintenance on the right spots, can save Millions in the long run.
A Yearly check isn't so bad, it's a very cheap and fast way to find problems, or verify that everything is ok.
• Illustrator

We offer illustrations for your webpage, commercials or your new book.
Why not a qute cartoon figure that look like your Restaurant?
A LOGO for your company.
Sky is the limit here.
• Air Quality

Many Companies today have problem with personal that complains about the Air Quallity, but don't know how to fix it.
We have instruments that can check this, they can log thousands of values for weeks if necessary.
When we go through the logs, we will be able to tell you what has to be done to fix this problem.